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Neon 101

How does a Neon Sign work?

cpilogoneonNeon signs are electric signs lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases. High Voltage is run through electrodes on the ends of the gas filled tube. The High Voltage “excites” the gas this causes the electrons in the atoms to jump and energy level and when they return to there original level they emit photons. This is the basic concept of how a Neon Sign produces light.

Advantages of Neon Signs

Neon Lighting gives a classic and iconic look to any sign. Here is a list of advantages that neon signs have.

  • Neon Signs are Classic and Iconic they will bring that warm Glow that people will always appreciate and gravitate to.
  • Neon Signs are a custom craft and each sign is unique, original and be one to draw customers and people in to any business or establishment.
  • Neon Signs are low maintenance and will last a lifetime.

Neon Sign Terminology

Neon Sign Manufacturers and Fabricators have some the following terms listed below of which the sign can do.

  • Mercury Migration
    Mercury Migration occurs when the mercury inside the sign moves to one side and causes the sign to be unevenly lit.
  • Self-Adjusting
    Automatically adjusts to tube length including electrodes from minimum to maximum output listed in footage chart. (See applicable footage chart). Maximum length in feet may vary according to GTO leads length and environment. Always deduct 1 foot per each pair of electrodes. Footage for mercury is based on operation in temperatures above 4°C (40°F). DO NOT OVERLOAD , exceeding the maximum tube length indicated in the footage chart.
  • Secondary Ground Fault ProtectionThe Secondary Ground Fault Protection is a built in feature that protects from arching. If the secondary GTO(Gas Tube Only) wire leads become Grounded the unit will shut off to lessen any damage to people or property.
  • Overload ProtectionThe Overload Protection is a built in feature that protects from being overpowered. If the unit is connected to a piece of tubing that is longer than recommended size the unit will shut off to lessen any damage to the unit or property. This Feature will also turn the unit off if the unit is connected to the incorrect input power.
  • Anode / CathodeAn anode is an electrode through which positive electric charge flows into a polarized electrical device. A cathode is an electrode through which electric current flows out of a polarized electrical device.

General Installation Tips

  • CPI Advanced Inc. Indoor Electronic Transformers can be installed on either metallic or non-metallic surfaces.
  • Always provide adequate ventilation to power supply.
  • Keep overall length of GTO leads under 6 feet (2m).
  • Always keep a minimum of 1 inch between GTO leads and any metallic surfaces.
  • When using multiple power supplies on one sign, be sure to keep at least 3 inches between each unit.
  • Never cross GTO leads.
  • Never run GTO leads across the power supply.
  • Keep GTO leads as equal in length as possible.
  • Always keep installation in conformity with all local electric codes.(NEC, CSA, Ect.)
  • Modification of any type including cutting/removing of AC Power cord, tampering with on/off switch or tampering with casing will void any existing product warranty. NO EXCEPTIONS.