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Tubulated Electrode


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Available in: 13mm & 15mm,
CPI-ET-13 13mm Tubulated
CPI-ET-15 15mm Tubulated

  • CPI electrodes are of the finest quality. With ceramic collars, mica and stranded wires.
  • Our 13mm ceramic collar electrodes are designed for use on 10mm to 13mm Neon tubing.
  • Our 15mm ceramic collar electrodes are designed for use on 12mm to 15mm Neon tubing.
  • Our ceramic collar electrodes are rated for use on 20-60mA transformers
  • Consideration to the electrode size must be exercised during processing
  • Correct processing levels must be monitored to insure all recommended temperatures and vacuum levels are achieved during a bombardment to ensure that shells are evenly processed.
  • Best suited for lead and lead free glass
  • Shells are nickel plate and emission coated on the inside to ensure that they bombard evenly. A very small mica centering devise keeps shells centered on the tube.
  • Sold in boxes of 100pcs

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13mm, 15mm


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