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CPI Advanced Inc. has been providing quality products and Customer Service in a variety of fields for over forty years, Founded in Southern California in 1975.

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40 Years of Quality Products and Excellent Customer Service!

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These days there are not too many choices for Electronic Neon Sign Transformers, especially when searching for quality and reliability. The field has been limited causing many customers having to do extensive research to be able to find a quality source for their Neon Sign supplies and product needs. We all know Neon is never going to go away so therefore there will always be a demand for new fabrication, design and plenty of service work to go around

CPI Advanced Inc. has continued to improve our top design, quality and outstanding service to benefit all of our valued customers who are the most important to us. We are striving to help "Keep Neon Alive".

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  • I order supplies for the commercial sign company I work for. We communicated back n forth for awhile with this company before making a purchase, it did take us some time to find a new vendor with comparing prices and quality. This company is far from the rest, they are very unique. We order mostly transformers but Im always interested to here what other products they have. The cpi team is amazing, especially Erwin, great personalities, very helpful, and they know their s@#t lol. They truly understand the impact of reaching out to their clients and keeping business relations in tact. I really hope they reach and exceed the vision they have planned for them.

    Skeye W.
  • We have been purchasing CPI transformers in many years for our custom neon signs especially 6.5K & 10K.   We love it because it has a very low failure rate.  As a neon shop signs, we always recommend CPI transformer to our customers when they have choices to pick from.

    Jennah L.
  • We have used many CPI 12000 volt transformers in our neon shop. We have had  very few issues with these transformer. we have tried many other electronic transformers but these work superior to the others.

    Michael Y.
  • Quality products and great customer service.

    Mike S.